The Customer can buy online in the comfort of their own home and decide to collect in-store.

When the customer collects their items, cross-selling is made easier using the integrated “recommendation algorithm” that helps the salesperson suggest the most appropriate additional products to the customer, to increase the average receipt value.

Cross-selling at the time of collection
+ 0 % Average
+ 0 % Average


This allows the customer to pre-order items, even if they are not yet available in the store, and subsequently go to the Store to pay for them, where the HUKO “recommendation” algorithm helps the salesperson to suggest the most appropriate additional products for the customer, to increase the average receipt value.

The customer can also make an appointment, which turns the store’s employees into actual shopping consultants. It is their task to make the shopping experience and the customer’s relationship with the brand unique, engaging, and personal.

Promise of Delivery

This is a solution that provides, even before the checkout, reliable, detailed, and accurate information on the availability of a product, and on the methods and times of delivery. It offers customers the opportunity to follow all the logistics operations, making sure that they enjoy a shopping experience in line with their expectations. The calculation of an accurate delivery date is important to be able to select and offer the customer the most convenient store location and the most appropriate courier for their order.

When items purchased online are returned
15 to % Average

Unified returns (E-commerce)

An effective and flexible omnichannel strategy doesn’t stop at the management of the shipment of orders, but must also optimise the management of returns.

Online customers can return an item in any of the stores and get a refund, if applicable, using their original payment method. The system allows you to make a detailed analysis of returns by making available all the information relating to: the date of return, place of return, returned items, reasons for return, status of returned items, etc.

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