Infinity Shelf 2.0

With the “Infinite Shelf 2.0” function, the store can also sell products that it does not have available on-site on a single receipt, asking the customer if they prefer convenient home delivery or collection in-store, while also providing the customer with the delivery dates on the receipt.

For goods not available in the store, if the customer has opted for home delivery, the Orchestrator immediately notifies the most “convenient” store, thanks to the Unified Warehouse, which fulfils the order, leaving the store only the task of managing the “pick, pack, and ship”. The system automatically manages calls to delivery companies using integrated APIs.
In the event that the customer chooses to collect their item from the store, the order will be referred to another more “convenient” store that must process an internal goods transfer order to the store selected by the customer.

Increase in sales from the first quarter
+ 0 % Average
Increase in online orders from the first quarter
+ 0 % Average

Selling on the move

Apart from the unavailability of products, nothing irritates customers more than having to wait in a queue to check out. With our cash register app, shop assistants can complete sales from a smartphone or a tablet exactly where they are, without having to go to the main POS.

Paperless receipts

Time to say goodbye to paper? Effortless and convenient! With HUKO Retail, you can issue digital receipts by email or WhatsApp, in line with the needs of the modern shopper, who can keep their receipts in digital format and consult them at any time.

The physical receipt from the POS is also unnecessary, as the payment information is shown at the bottom of the digital receipt, together with other important information such as loyalty points awarded, vouchers, guarantees, etc.

When items purchased online are returned
15 to % Average

In-store Returns

In-store returns have many advantages. They are simple, fast and free. The customer does not have to print or pack anything, and their presence at the store makes it possible to suggest an alternative item or exchange instead of a refund.

Also, recording the returned items in the Unified Warehouse makes it possible to accelerate the transfer of items for resale or to replenish the stores that are out of stock of these items.

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