HUKO Retail, the omnichannel solution for successful sales

HUKO Retail is the omnichannel retail management system that optimises your sales processes and simplifies your audience’s shopping experience by moving you up into the “Top Seller” rankings.. This is a “complete software suite”, under constant development, that is quick to install and can be integrated easily with your main traffic counting system, and with all the other tools you already use (ERP, CMS, invoicing software, etc.).

All HUKO Retail tools and processes can be introduced gradually into your business.

Sell with no strings attached!

Sales on the move

With our cash register app, all shop assistants can complete sales from a smartphone or a tablet exactly where they are, without having to go to the main till. And you never need to use it again!

Create a fulfilling and straightforward shopping experience!

Infinity Shelf 2.0

By introducing the innovative “Infinity Shelf 2.0” software, HUKO Retail guarantees an unlimited selection of products in-store with the new O2O “Online2Offline” system. This eliminates the risk of running out of stock in-store by drawing from the warehouses of other stores and automatically managing home deliveries, if desired, or the transfer of goods between stores for subsequent in-store collection.


Paperless and lightweight POS

Time to say goodbye to paper? Effortless and convenient! With HUKO Retail, you can issue either an electronic or paper-based receipt or both.


Online Order, Pay & Collect and Reserve & Collect

HUKO Retail guarantees a cross-platform shopping experience that is as smooth as it can be. All this is thanks to an innovative system that automates the logistics of an order, leaving the store with the sole task of managing the “pick, pack, and ship” process. This provides a number of benefits for you, both in terms of in-store sales and for sales made through e-commerce channels:


Interact with the brand with the "Shoppy" app

The HUKO Retail omnichannel ecosystem comes complete with the Retail App, a practical and intuitive solution that dematerialises the Loyalty Card and allows the customer to interact with the brand in multiple ways.



The watchword is: Flexibility! HUKO Retail provides 24/7 support plans and various support options to choose from according to your stores’ needs.

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Streamline your infrastructure, simplify your architecture and reduce integration costs

Marketing Manager

Take the Purchasing Experience to another level and reduce the time-to-market of your campaigns


Increase the average receipt and conversion rate thanks to the KPIs available in real time

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