Our history

About Us

Research, analysis of purchasing behaviour, and listening to customers guided us along a continuous route of process and technological innovation that now allows us to offer retail solutions that anticipate market trends.

Our journey

Founded in 2001, inspired by the Web 2 revolution taking place at the time, we developed the first collaborative ERP Retail software running on SaaS architecture, leveraging the advantages that the centralised architecture of the Internet could guarantee to organisations with retail chains distributed throughout the country.

Starting in 2016, and understanding the possibilities offered by the ongoing digital transformation and the expectations of a new and more evolved consumer, with the same passion that characterised our first steps, we anticipated and were drivers of omnichannel change in the Retail world.

Today we enable, in a few weeks, advanced omnichannel business processes and models, integrating our solutions into the existing IT infrastructure thanks to a Microservices architecture and an API-First strategy

Our Mission

HUKO is a unique company that has endured over time and inspires its talented employees to become deeply involved and share in the company values of determination, responsibility, discipline, reciprocity, and hard work. The aim is to propel the world of retail towards an epochal paradigm shift to bring consumers a seamless and fun shopping experience that combines the speed and convenience of online shopping with the welcome and warmth of the physical store.

Our Vision

We are the only company that can transform the sales process from traditional to Omnichannel in eight weeks. We do this with a comprehensive retail ecosystem that, through the strategic optimisation of logistics and sales processes, banish “out of stock” to history, accelerates sales, and reduces warehouse load, to improve margins and increase turnover.

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