Never miss another sale

In order to never lose a sale, each point of sale must always be updated in real time with the availability of each item in other stores, and the same applies to E-Commerce.

HUKO Orchestrator (H2O) is aligned in real time with the stock available in each store and represents the Unified Warehouse of the entire network. H2O receives purchase requests from all physical touchpoints (stores) or digital touchpoints (E-commerce/M-commerce) and responds in real time with the availability and the relative delivery date promised. Depending on the rules set, it selects the most “appropriate” store to satisfy the order.

Based on microservice architecture and API-First strategy, it can be easily integrated into your company’s IT infrastructure.

Customers continue shopping on another e-commerce site if the chosen product is not available online
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The HUKO Retail ecosystem also offers the following optional modules:

The purpose of an orchestrator is to control the order management process within multi-site, multi-storage point, and multi-channel organisations.

It also allows you to reduce the number of items held in stock and even sell products that are not yet in stock. Yes, you heard that correctly! One of its main features is the management of items that are not currently available for sale. Thanks to the “from store” shipping solutions, it becomes possible to sell products not that are in stock, if they are available in other stores or are currently being restocked.

Customers buy online or switch to a competing store if the item they are looking for is sold out in your store
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